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I think for the customers / prospective customers, the most crucial and most important thing when choosing insurance, is not the issue of premium prices, product features, or various benefits, but above it all is what the insurance company. That is the important information to know. Same as the first time when I used to want to become a customer of Allianz and then become an agent of Allianz.

tentang allianz mengapa memilih allianz

What are the characteristics of a reliable insurance company;

1. Endurance company

2. Public trust

First, the company's endurance

Company endurance can be seen from the age of the company. Allianz was founded in Germany in 1890. It is now in 2016 (As of this writing). So Allianz is 126 years old. A century more.

126 years is more than enough age to test the existence of a company.

In other words, Allianz has achieved a very reliable establishment and proved to be a very strong company in terms of both financial and management.

This is evidenced by the expansion of the Allianz network that has been in 70 countries with approximately 147,000 employees (data of 2014).

tentang allianz mengapa memilih allianz

By 2014 Allianz has earned 122.25 billion euros in revenue and an operating profit of € 10.40 billion. As well as net income attributable to shareholders reached 6.22 billion Euros.

Allianz customers are not just individuals. Almost half of Fortune 500 companies are Allianz customers, such as:

  1. Boeing.
  2. Coca Cola.
  3. Infineon.
  4. Mercedes Benz.
  5. BMW.
  6. Bayer.
  7. Siemens.
  8. WMF.

tentang allianz mengapa memilih allianz

A number of giant world projects are also insured at Allianz. Among them:

  1. Petronas Tower Kuala Lumpur.
  2. Burj al-Arab Dubai.
  3. Jin Mao Building Shanghai.
  4. Cheklapkok Airport Hong Kong.
  5. MRT Singapura.

Allianz also sponsors world-class events and events. One of them is the football club of German monster, Bayern Munich.


tentang allianz mengapa memilih allianz

There is also an Allianz-sponsored sports stadium. Click Allianz Arena Stadium for more details.

tentang allianz mengapa memilih allianz

Second, Public Trust

Public trust can be proved by the number of awards the company has. For various awards and achievements received by Allianz Insurance, I have written it in another article, please click here: Allianz Insurance Awards and Allianz Insurance Achievements.

Allianz is also very respectful and appreciative of the diversity in which all employees working in Allianz's company come from different tribes, races, religions without distinction from each other. This phenomenon provides a strength for Allianz to be able to see various problems from different glasses and angles so as to make it as one of its insurance companies that are able to provide and provide quality insurance products that are needed by customers who come from different backgrounds.


What about Allianz Indonesia?


Allianz started its business in Indonesia by opening a representative office in 1981.
In 1989, Allianz established PT Asuransi Allianz Utama Indonesia, a general insurance company.
Subsequently, Allianz entered the life insurance, health and pension business by establishing PT Asuransi Allianz Life Indonesia in 1996.
Allianz Indonesia is now supported by over 1,200 employees and more than 16,000 salespeople in more than 100 marketing offices in 53 cities.
The strength is supported by a network of banking partners and other distribution partners to serve more than 6 million insured in Indonesia.
Allianz and its Agent / Salesperson have been registered with and supervised by the Financial Services Authority.
This is the address of Allianz's head office in Indonesia:
Allianz Tower Jl. HR Rasuna Said Kawasan Kuningan Persada Super Blok 2 Jakarta 12980.

tentang allianz mengapa memilih allianz

tentang allianz mengapa memilih allianz

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